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The solution to plastic dependency,

on a tray.

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Packaging to be proud of

Welcome to Ecoocel, the brand of compostable and recyclable natural fiber food trays from Tav Food Group. We manufacture practical and economical packaging made from renewable cellulose, fully functional and adapted to all current needs. With minimal environmental impact and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Ecoocel is the natural alternative to single-use plastic packaging. Our sustainable food trays are 100% compostable and 100% recyclable with paper and cardboard, thus avoiding the plastic tax. In addition, their green dot rate is one of the lowest.

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Food trays with maximum safety and minimal impact

At Ecoocel, we work with the highest standards of quality, food safety, and supply and service guarantee, complying with the strictest regulations and achieving the most demanding certifications for our processes, and products.

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The natural alternative

to food packaging


The solution to plastic dependency, on a tray.

Explore our product catalog to find the eco-friendly packaging that best suits your needs. Join the change towards a more sustainable world with Ecoocel!

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Ecoocel Range

The Ecoocel range is the sustainable solution for fresh food packaging in Europe. Compostable and recyclable high-performance cellulose trays that replace EPS and PET  packaging, mainly.

Ecoocel replicates EPS tray models in all sizes, making the transition to sustainable materials easier and more convenient. The design of these sustainable packaging resists moisture and wrapping film without wear, and is made only from renewable cellulose from agricultural waste that does not compete with food supply.

It has the option of an absorbent pad.

Ecoocel Pad

Why Ecoocel?

Expanded polystyrene takes hundreds of years to degrade in nature and can be ingested by animals, causing harm to their health and the ecosystem. Its recycling is difficult and often not properly separated, making its management more complicated and often ending up in landfills or the environment. Its use for food is increasingly prohibited or restricted.

Ecoocel is the sustainable and ecological alternative for fresh food packaging in Europe. With it, you take care of the environment, offering an attractive and quality presentation of the products.

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Ecoocel Plus Range

With Ecoocel Plus, we offer high-performance thermoformed cellulose trays for all types of food, from ready-to-heat meals in the oven or microwave to fresh products with a shelf life of over 7 days.

These trays are suitable for heat sealing and offer all the advantages of single-use plastic trays, extending the shelf life of food. The exhaustive quality controls that Ecoocel Plus complies with guarantee its food safety according to regulations, as well as the care of health in aspects not regulated with plastic packaging: absence of NIAS, nerve disruptors, bisphenols, phthalates, fluorinated substances…

Ecoocel Plus utilizes renewable cellulose of plant origin in its manufacturing process. The inner coating of these food trays can be compostable depending on the needs to be covered with the packaging.

Why Ecoocel Plus?

In its 100% compostable version, Ecoocel Plus has the TUV OK Compost Industrial certification according to EN13432 standard, which means that at the end of its useful life it can be recycled as paper and cardboard or in the organic waste container. Its manufacturing process uses green energies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Ecoocel Pad

Ecoocel Pad is a compostable absorbent pad designed for use in Ecoocel trays. It is made from high-absorption cellulose fibers and natural bioplastic material.

Its high capacity to retain liquids is ideal for use in the food industry (up to 1300 gr/m2), while maintaining a soft and comfortable texture. Its cellulose content is over 99%, and it is available in different sizes and thicknesses, allowing it to adapt to your needs.

Why Ecoocel Pad?

Sustainable: Designed with eco-sustainable materials and state-of-the-art technology, its manufacturing is carried out with renewable energies and strict energy efficiency measures. Due to its compostability, Ecoocel Pad is a responsible and effective alternative to reduce non-biodegradable waste in the food industry.

Safe: The high absorption capacity of Ecoocel Pad and the natural barrier of compostable Ecoocel cellulose trays keep food dry, fresh, and protected from moisture and bacteria. Our compostable pads are certified by external laboratories to ensure the absence of global migrations, transfer of odors and flavors, specific migrations of primary aromatic amines, and heavy metals.

Versatile: Ecoocel Pad is available in different formats and applications.

Efficient: Maximum efficiency in liquid absorption and a soft and comfortable texture, which improves the quality and presentation of food.

Certified: TÜV Austria has awarded Ecoocel Pad the OK Compost Home label, guaranteeing its compostability in the domestic environment.


Food trays with maximum safety and minimal impact

Our concern for sustainability and the future of our planet has led us to develop sustainable cellulose packaging for our Ecoocel range, using natural sugarcane fiber to give a new life to a disposable agricultural product.

Our eco-friendly packaging is:



This is its ideal destination. In the Ecoocel range, the product is certified Home-Compost by TUV-a in accordance with European standard EN13432.



In our Ecoocel range, the trays are made with 100% cellulose fibers, making the product completely recyclable in the blue paper/cardboard container, even when disposed of together with the Ecoocel pad absorbent.

In the case of the Ecoocel plus range, which contains more than 92% virgin cellulose, the trays are also recyclable in the paper and cardboard container, complying with ATICELCA 501/19 standard with an B level of recyclability, which means they can be recycled and used as raw material.


Incineration or disposal

Even in the worst case, its combustion is much less harmful than that of packaging made from other materials. And both in landfills and in the environment, its degradation is much faster and more effective.

In addition, as a result of our commitment to food waste, our compostable trays do not use useful products for human consumption in any part of the manufacturing chain.

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Transition your packaging to the new sustainable model.

We make your transition from single-use plastic packaging to natural and sustainable compostable and recyclable food packaging alternatives really easy. And this is possible thanks to:

1. A guaranteed supply and excellent service, backed by the Tav Food Group, with over 20 years of experience as a leader in the food packaging sector in Spain.

2. A complete range of compostable and recyclable cellulose trays adapted in design, variety, functionality, and dimensions to their plastic equivalents. Your customers and your processes won’t notice the difference. The environment will. We also develop custom molds for cellulose packaging manufacturing. Contact us.

3. A design developed under the strictest criteria of logistics optimization and ecodesign to achieve more sustainable products and processes, adapted to your needs and those of your customers.

Plastic recycling is crucial today due to its volume and negative impact on the environment. According to Eurostat data, only 38% of plastic packaging is recycled in the European Union, indicating that there is still much to be done in terms of recycling and waste reduction. In contrast, cardboard, paper, and cellulose have a much higher recycling rate, at 82.3%.

These materials are highly valued due to their versatility and ability to be recycled multiple times without losing their quality. Their recyclability also contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving natural resources.

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Who we are

Guaranteed supply by the Tav Food Group

Ecoocel is one of the brands of the Tav Food Group, a group of companies specialized in the distribution of food packaging. With over 20 years of experience in the market, we are a reference in the central area of Spain thanks to our excellent work and our supply guarantee.

We have over 7000 square meters of warehouses in Madrid and Navarra.

At Tav Food Group, we have implemented and certified a Quality and Environmental Management System, following the guidelines of the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

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